Battered Immigrant Project


The Battered Immigrant Project was a project begun in 2002 to advocate for and represent battered migrant farmworkers in Michigan on immigration issues.

Beginning in September of 2004, the Battered Immigrant Project expanded to serve ALL immigrants in the State of Michigan who are otherwise eligible in terms of income and other qualifications.

As of September 2006, the Battered Immigrant Project funding ended, and we are no longer able to accept new cases unless the clients are migrant farmworkers.

The Battered Immigrant Project provides:

1.   Counsel and Advice on immigration law for immigrants who suffer from domestic violence.

2.   Direct Representation for immigration petitions for victims of domestic violence.

3.   Referral to domestic violence service programs and other social service providers.

4.   Advice and counsel on basic family law issues (divorce, custody) and referral to legal services programs if necessary.

The Battered Immigrant Project also advocates and educates domestic violence service providers, legal advocates, and other social service providers in a variety of forums.

For further information on the Battered Immigrant Project, please contact us at 1-800-968-4046 or

If you are a victim, advocate, or just would like more information, please read below:

What is Domestic Violence?  How Does It Affect Immigrants?


If I Am Being Abused, What Can I Do?


Frequently Asked Questions About Protections for Immigrants


Immigration Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence


For Service Providers


Pro Bono Attorney Involvement


Publications and Brochures

Sponsors of the Battered Immigrant Project


      The Battered Immigrant Project would like to thank the following foundations for their generous support:


      Arcus Foundation

      Arcus Foundation - Arcus Gay & Lesbian Fund    


      John E. Fetzer Fund, Kalamazoo Community Foundation


       Kalamazoo Foundation

      Kalamazoo Community Foundation


       MSBF logo

      Michigan State Bar Foundation


       Nokomis Logo

      Nokomis Foundation


      The support of our funders is essential to the success of our program and the survival of the battered immigrant families throughout Michigan.


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